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TitleClock HoursCourse IDTypePrice
Alcohol Problems in Family Relationships 9100-A03-Alcohol-TextWeb Text$54.50
Clinical Supervision of the Addiction Counselor 9100-A06-Supervision-TextWeb Text$54.50
Counseling non-addicted partner of an alcoholic 3100-A10-Partner-textWeb Text$29.00
Counseling Parents of Alcoholic Teens 3100-A11-ParentsAlcohol-TextWeb Text$29.00
Helping Families with Prescription Addiction 1100-A09-FamilyHelp-textWeb Text$11.95
Heroin Addiction and Abuse 1100-A01-Heroin-TextWeb Text$0.00
Inhalant Abuse 3100-A02-Inhalants-TextWeb Text$29.00
Prescription Addiction 3100-A08-PrescriptionAddiction3-textWeb Text$29.00
Recovery Barriers for Adult Children of Alcoholics 3100-A13-RecoveryBarriers-textWeb Text$29.00
Separation and Divorce from an Alcoholic 3100-A12-SeparationAlcoholic-textWeb Text$29.00
TitleClock HoursCourse IDTypePrice
Mental Health Ethics - ACA Version 3200-B01-ACAEthics-TextWeb Text$29.00
Mental Health
TitleClock HoursCourse IDTypePrice
Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Introduction 6300-A001-Austism-TextWeb Text$45.00
Chronic Pain 3300-A005-ChronicPain-textWeb Text$29.00
Demystifying Trauma: Pathways to Healing 2300-A006Web Text$22.00
Disaster Response with Children 1300-A008-Trauma-textVideo$11.95
Helping Children Cope with Trauma 1300-A004-ChildTrauma-TextWeb Text$11.95
Mental Health Ethics - ACA Version 3200-B01-ACAEthics-TextWeb Text$29.00
PTSD: An Introduction for Clinicians 2300-B471-PTSD-TextWeb Text$22.00
Suicide: Risk and Prevention 2300-A007-SuicideVideo$22.00
Understanding Bipolar Disorder 6300-A003-Bipolar-TextWeb Text$45.00
TitleClock HoursCourse IDTypePrice
Mental Health: Race, Culture and Ethnicity 12400-A001-Culture-TextWeb Text$67.00
Mental Health: Race, Culture, and Ethnicity 6400-A002-Culture6-TextWeb Text$45.00
Other Topics
TitleClock HoursCourse IDTypePrice
H.I.V. Counseling and Referral 1500-A005-HIV-text2Web Text$11.95