Free Online CEU Course

At we know that you are always seeking to balance quality and value when evaluating Continuing Education providers. We feel strongly that once you try you will want to complete as many continuing education courses with us as your board will permit. That is why we offer a 100% free online continuing education course. There is no obligation, no strings - just take the course and if you love the experience and ease of completing a course with we know that you will want to explore the rest of our online continuing education catalog.


So, how does taking my Free Online Continuing Education Course work?


For some of you this may be your first time to take online continuing education. We have worked to make completing your online courses a simple and straight forward process. You can review our online catalog of counseling Continuing Education courses and when you see one that interests you, simply click on the title to learn more about the course including teaching methods, learning objectives, target audience and more. The course details are available to anyone who has registered for a free user account with

Once you find a course that meets your needs, we suggest you complete the following three steps:

Step 1 - Click on the button to print the post-test. This will allow you to view all test questions prior to taking the test. Print them on paper and keep them handy as you review the materials, marking your answers as you go.

Step 2 -  Download the materials for the course, they are available from the course details page usually in a link at the top.

Step 3 -  Come back to that course when you have completed your course and enter the answers online.

Your online test will be scored when you submit it and if you achieve a passing score you will then have the option to pay for the course online or pay offline (by mail). If you pay online, a certificate of completion will be available to print immediately following payment. No payment is required in the case of the Free continuing education course. 

There are no time limits to complete the continuing education programs and you are not required to pay before viewing the course materials. Payment is not required until you are ready to challenge the online post-test and are satisfied that the course meets your professional needs. We even offer a FREE Course (Just look on the course listings for Heroin Addiction - 1.0 credit hour) so you can try before you buy and see just how convenient it is to get your Continuing Education online!

If are ready to get to the course listings, simply click here